Liberalism in One Country

Afghanistan is a revolutionary self-defeat. Expect more.

Yes, the people who spent five years complaining about Trump being a sexist anti-LGBTQ+ bigot just gave the Taliban 18 million or so sex slaves and unknown numbers of those precious LGBTQ+’s to toss off of Afghanistan’s scenic rooftops.

But the US is more diverse than ever! And we’re going to get those white supremacists!

To be sure, the Biden Administration wanted the Taliban to win quickly. A long fight by the Afghan government would give Afghan women and those LGBTQ+s more chances to clog up air time asking Biden for help. It would be bad optics.

Hence the massive arms stores left behind for the Taliban (Assad always bombed depots rebels captured and usually left ones ISIS took intact), the incessant propaganda war by the US media (“get out now!”) and its global allies against the Afghan government and military, and Biden’s vacation timed for the takeover.

This duality, the pseudo-wokeification of the United States and concurrent empowerment of global powers directly opposed to those values, is the essence of Liberalism in One Country.

A term coined by a former leading antifascist who has predictably retreated to the comforting pseudoresistance of Thorneism-Warrenism upon reaching the hard limit of their theoretical journey, Liberalism in One Country is the Greater Democratic Party’s doctrine in the post-Clinton era.

Like its Stalinist forerunner, Liberalism in One Country seeks a bargain with the new Axis, encouraging them to “step up” as the United States, and by extension the democratic world, steps back - or is browbeaten into doing so.

Across the world, the United States is using its influence to tell those on the front lines of the antifascist struggle to stand down.

First implemented under the Obama Administration, Liberalism in One Country is the product of decades of agitation by a constellation of groups within and without the Democratic Party that had one unifying interest - the destruction of the United States, and by extension, “bourgeois” democracy globally.

Liberalism in One Country claims the allegiance of figures in the political military, media, academic, activist, and corporate spheres. LiOC is implemented via a self-sustaining feedback loop of government action and media propaganda that turns actions which are destructive to the democratic world into necessary ones to atone for any collection of American social grievances, usually, “systemic racism.”

This approach was first pioneered to advance the Iran Deal, which relied on a “media bubble” to do two things: to create a consensus to pass the deal itself and to create a broader “racial reckoning” that would justify a global drawdown of the United States.

There’s a reason why Black Lives Matters’ original leadership are all Marxists.

On the media end, LiOC aims to hermetically seal the United States public from the outer world and direct any and all questions that arise from it against LiOC’s domestic enemies. The Taliban took over Afghanistan? Don’t try to stop them - watch out for the “American Taliban” instead! Blame Trump and “US interventionism!” After all, the United States is an irredeemable racist settler-colonial entity that only makes the world worse by existing and must forever atone for its original sin, ideally through its own self-abolition.

In this sense, the media component of LioC is a mirror image of Putin’s own Russkiy Mir, LiOC’s partner project that will “step up” to assume the mantle in many of the areas where LiOC wants to stage an American withdrawal.

The other part of LioC’s feedback loop consists of the government, intelligence, military, and corporate officials who can actually take actions that are materially destructive to the United States and the democratic world. Every such action they take is laundered away in the pseudo-woke narratives created by LiOC’s media wing.

These actors are the ones who labeled the Syrian opposition as Al Qaeda to protect Iran’s “equities” and directed US support to the Aryanist PYD, the hyper-feminist ecologists who burned down many of the Anatolian Plateau’s delicate and unique ecosystems and allied with the Assad regime, which managed to completely ravage much of Syria’s fragile, desertifying, climate changed-battered ecosystems. They are the same people who engineered the defeat in Afghanistan.

The Obama Administration was a trial run for Liberalism in One Country, and by all accounts it was a wild success. Every self-inflicted defeat was actually the seed of an even greater future domestic victory for LiOC. Long-time observers of its actions in Iraq and Syria, and of LiOC’s Fabian war against Trump, will see that its components now form a well-oiled machine that handed Afghanistan to the Taliban in just days, undoing 20 years of the evil racist American empire’s work in single news cycle.

This points to the most remarkable feature of Liberalism in One Country. It allows the Democratic Party to harness and benefit from revolutionary defeatism while they are in power. They can engineer strategic defeats for the United States and then leverage these into domestic victories. The effect is a mortgaged retreat of the United States, where its position, and by extension that of democracies globally, are traded piecemeal to the Axis for domestic political victories.

This doctrine of revolutionary defeatism was first applied successfully to Iraq. The decision by Team Obama to withdraw US forces just before the forerunner to ISIS was wiped out to the man and back the rabid Shia sectarian Maliki, against the wishes of virtually every stakeholder in Iraq - unless you count liberal’s first favorite Gilead, Iran - broke Iraq’s emerging nonsectarian democratic order. After this decision, the direct forerunner of ISIS was able to carve out a space in Mosul and bounce back from near-total extermination.

LiOC made another dramatic appearance in Syria. Syria is the singular rupture of the modern era. The United States’ stunning transformation from leviathan to whale carcass and simultaneous rise of China, Russia, and Iran directly traces back to Obama’s decision to pursue a policy of Assad regime preservation. However, this was entirely to the benefit of LiOC, which was able to point at these results to retroactively justify LiOC itself.

The Obama Administration’s decision to preserve Assad’s regime and enable the Syrian Genocide signaled to Putin that he could assume power in the spaces LiOC was giving him. Yes, US enabling of Russia had gone back decades. But the gassing of East Ghouta was the Rubicon, and LiOC signaled that it would do nothing in the face of a direct attack on the world the racist and white supremacist United States created. So Russia invaded Ukraine six months later and attacked the 2016 election when Putin saw the opportunity LiOC gave him. Then LiOC pointed at those US “Nazis” Russia backed to justify focusing on domestic problems exclusively.

The most dramatic and understated victory through defeat for Liberalism in One Country came in 2016, as Obama stood down and refused to stop Putin’s attacks on his arch-rival, Hillary Clinton. Yes, this would mean a possible victory for Trump. But for Long March Democrats, such a defeat is worth it. The victim would be Hillary and the hated “pro-interventionist” wing, the only chance Democrats had of foiling LiOC’s plans. And so her “loss” in the eyes of LiOC was not really a loss at all.

Hillary’s world-historic defeat defanged the Democratic Party and left them without an organized, mainstream, materially anti-Axis flank. At this point, there is no organized force with the Democratic Party that can break LiOC’s power. Warrenistas form both the backbone of the Democratic Party’s PhD bureaucratic apparatus and of LiOC. Biden, not Bernie and his useless lumpenprole eaters, was always the Worker’s President, and they too want to “end the forever wars.” Kamala has been successfully sidelined and even Klobuchar has made concessions to the Warrenistas.

After six months of Bidenism with Warrenist Characteristics, we can say definitively that the conservative alarmism about an Obama-led “communist takeover” of the Democratic Party and other public-facing institutions that shape acceptable discourse in the United States was essentially true. Much of the original team from the Doctrine’s dry run from 2008 - 2016 is back and is swiftly implementing facts on the ground to make Liberalism in One Country an enduring reality.

The only question is what happens when the Axis finally wants to create its own reality. LiOC can weather Saigon II with no real interruption and continue to slow-drip America’s racist soul into oblivion with its mockery of wokeness, stripped of all its inherent imperative to take liberation global. It’s doubtful the bubble can withstand the impact of Tsushima II or even Barbarossa II. At this rate, both are coming.