To All Jewish People

The Left is trying to kill you.

An open letter to all Jewish people -

I am one of the few people on Earth who is qualified to tell you this.

The Left wants you dead. And many of you are helping them.

First, you must understand who I am. There has been much slander and libel against me, but three of the worst are the following: that I am a “neocon,” that I am a “centrist,” and that I am a “liberal.”

These could not be further from the truth.

I have always and unwaveringly maintained that I am exactly what “the Left” would be if it lived according to its stated principles. It does not. Always in all circumstances the Left, regardless of tendency, (they all agree on the only point that matters - that the only forces capable of breaking fascism globally be sidelined and ultimately destroyed) is a wing of fascism, a perpetual saboteur of liberation, a fifth column that cannibalizes its “allies” then orders itself to the wall in service of fascism.

This is important because you’ve only heard voices from the center or right say what I’m about to tell you. That makes it easy to write off. I am telling you now, “as a leftist,” that the knocking is coming from inside the house. You must act decisively against it now.

I am a defector and I am giving you a warning about what is happening.

The Left wants you dead. Every smiling “progressive,” every “legitimate critic” of Israel, every BDS sympathizer. Every single one, no matter how seemingly reasonable, wants nothing more than to see another Holocaust and to know they made it possible.

Many Jewish people are aware that they are being taken for a ride by leftists and the “reasonable criticisms” of Israel they have normalized. However, none of them are communicating the full scale and depth of this threat, likely out of a sense of propriety and the belief that the people they are speaking with ultimately mean well.

They do not.

I’ve spent over fifteen years around “pro-Pal” activists and can say confidently that yes, all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic.

I have seen how the vast majority of this movement responded to Assad’s genocide next door in Syria by embracing of the regime, either openly or via equivocation with Israel, even as it murdered thousands of their precious Palestinians.

I have seen how even many of the ones who managed to be both “pro-Palestine” and “pro-Free Syria” have consistently blamed Israel for Assad’s actions. In the last week, I’ve seen many of these people act as if a chip switched on in their head and pivot toward rabid, single-minded attacks against Israel that far exceed any they ever mustered against the Assad regime in a similar time frame.

Houla couldn’t do this. Darayya couldn’t do this. Bayda and Baniyas couldn’t do this. Ghouta couldn’t do this. But a stunt by Hamas did. Many have even begun to promote Assadist media outlets and figured they spent years fighting or at best frown as their “comrades” do it.

This means they hate Jewish people more than the people who have gassed and bombed them and their children for a decade.

There is no “legitimate criticism of Israel.” It does not exist. There are far more “legitimate criticisms” of Mexico or Indonesia, nevermind Syria, Russia, China, or Iran, yet these places never figure into leftist propaganda. There is a reason for this.

Nothing Israel has done is beyond the bounds of a state that is engaged in a war with a neighbor. Israel has been consistently far more restrained than any other state in engaging with such a threat. Many of its neighbors or enemies have committed campaigns of extermination too numerous to mention, even among the Left’s preferred Aryan racial groups, yet these are never brought up by leftists or at best set on or near the same level as the things Israel has done (which is precisely where the ‘anarchist’ critique gives its strength to a fascist thrust - everyone is a fascist, so the actual ones, the palingenetic ultranationalists motivated by anti-Semitic conspiracies, never receive focused resistance).

Israel is not to blame for the plight of Palestinians. This has far more to do with the failure of Palestinians to build a democratic movement and the deliberate promotion of anti-Semitism by Israel’s enemies. As has been noted, Jewish people managed to create a democracy under far more dire circumstances. Whatever misdealings Israel has had with Palestinians on the whole is nothing that is not “ordinary” to states. Israel has taken far more steps to accommodate Palestinian demands than any other state would with a rejectionist neighbor. Leftists are eager to equate this with Assad throwing a million people into the ground for opposing his dynastic rule.

The Assad regime depopulated Yarmouk, the largest Palestinian community outside of the territories nominally part of the two-state solution. Never has this registered in the “pro-Palestinian” discourse in any meaningful sense beyond about five people on Twitter who are tied to Syria. If Israel had done this leftists would be burning down delis and flying out to fight “the Zionists.”

Regardless of what it says, the Left is actively trying to destroy Israel. Some of the smiling progressives talk about alternatives to Zionism. There is no alternative to Zionism. The 20th century proved this. The assimilationist policies they advocate were already tried and they failed to stop the Holocaust. They want to re-run these “alternatives” so that there is another.

Yes, Jewish people need Israel. There were supposed to be three Holocausts in the 20th century. Two were stopped - one certainly, and both, potentially, by Israel.

By all appearances, had Stalin lived, his Doctor’s Plot would have extinguished the Jewish population that remained inside the Soviet Union and its satellites. This remained a latent threat until mass emigration of Jewish people from the Eastern Bloc, primarily to Israel.

The Arab-Israeli Wars were also not so much wars as giant pogroms that Jewish people successfully fought off for the first time in history. The mass expulsions of Jewish communities from across the Arab world at Israel’s founding gives lie to leftist revisionism about the intent of the would-be conquerors, nevermind their propaganda.

The great reactionary upswells in the modern era have always targeted Jewish people in one way or another. Even the Second World War is better seen not as a series of wars but as a global pogrom. It consisted of a continental extermination campaign against Jewish people and “influences” in Europe and the Mediterranean along with a concurrent strike by Japan against the chains of implicitly Jewish “international financial capital.” The minds behind Manchukuo were thoroughly anticapitalist, regardless of how leftists try to deny this on the rare occasion it’s brought up, and anti-Semitic conspiracies are fundamental to leftist conceptions of economics.

We are in yet another reactionary upswell and Jewish people are again the prime target. Iran is leading a vast conspiracy aimed at the ultimate destruction of Jewish people globally, beginning with Israel. Their activities over the last three decades have worked toward this single purpose. They are closer than ever to achieving this goal.

Do not believe that Israel is not facing an existential danger simply because its neighbors aren’t visibly mobilizing for war against it right now at the state level. Iran has worked to methodically dismantle these states and to cultivate its own proxies in them. Large swathes of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and now Yemen are increasingly under Iran’s control. Iran has spent years destroying local resistance against them, all in preparation for a grand campaign against Israel.

The Sheikh Jarrah operation marks a critical new phase of this strategy. It is aimed primarily at Western audiences in order to further isolate Israel from their support so Iran can eventually fight Israel alone. Many Arabs, especially in Iraq and the Gulf, are noticeably silent on the matter, with Iran’s proxies and programmed anti-Semites forming the great mass of Sheikh Jarrah supporters. It is no coincidence that anti-Semitic attacks in the United States are rising in tandem with growing “opposition” to Israel.

All signs point toward this strategy working. Iranian influence agents across media and government have spun up a campaign steeped in remarkable levels of anti-Semitism that effectively blame Jewish people and Israel for ills “progressives” have built their brand around - from police violence to poverty. Iran already scored early victories with the new Biden administration, getting it to delist the Houthis - who promptly expelled the last Jewish people from the Yemen leftists cry about (all leftists openly or effectively support the Houthis - you can guess why).

Now the Administration seems has made a critical change in the US’s approach to Israel, effectively siding with Hamas and encouraging it into the same “ceasefire” it forced on rebels in Syria at the behest of people who, to put it mildly, are very supportive of Iran.

The vise is closing and many Jewish people are unknowingly turning its lever. Many liberal Jewish people have grown more accepting of “reasonable criticism” of Israel in recent years. This discourse originates entirely from the previously-mentioned leftist forces and is designed to disarm Jewish people and Israel more broadly. The end goal of these forces remains the destruction of both. They play on the sensitivities of Israelis and, more broadly, of Jewish people, to the plight of Palestinians. They seek to use these as inroads by which they can advance and demobilize sections of Jewish people with the ultimate aim of ensuring that Israel has neither the strength nor international support to ensure its survival.

Then the remaining Jewish people will be easy pickings.

It’s vital that all bridges the Left has built into Jewish discourse be destroyed. Every single argument, every single “nuance” is built on a false pretense. They only mean to get you to let your guard down so they can strike. There is no fairness, they do not care about the Palestinians they parade around. They only hate Jewish people and want them destroyed.

The survival of Jewish people is again at stake. You must act now against leftist infiltration before it’s too late.