Time to Liberate Cuba

Democrats can secure electoral victories for a generation - if they dare.

Democrats have a golden opportunity to cripple every domestic challenge and secure a generation of electoral victories.

All it takes is one little invasion.

Joe Biden’s liberation of Cuba would completely defang Republican attacks against Democrats, neutralize the challenge from DeSantis before he gets out of the gate, and bring a swift end to Squadist sabotage and their broader takeover of the Democratic Party. Operation Cuban Freedom could also deliver Florida, and potentially even Texas, to the Democratic Party for decades.

Rarely has the case for war been so obvious.

Biden’s victory against Trump, while the largest in United States history, was also less than a decisive rejection of Trumpism or of the Republican Party. This demonstrated that Democrats face two looming domestic problems. The “socialist” attacks by Republicans really did hit home among immigrant communities with previous experiences under socialist or communist regimes. Democrats also face internal attacks from The Squad, who highlight two things: their socialist/communist affinities and their anti-Semitism. Their mainlining of the latter in particular is set to break the Democratic coalition - just as they plan.

Democrats also face a formidable challenger in Ron DeSantis. So far, they have no countermeasures against him, and most, if not all, attacks have fallen apart under scrutiny. He has been able to play on pressure points within the Democratic Party and on fissures between them and the broader public. He is well aware of the anti-Semitism problem within the Democratic Party. He also knows that Long March Democrats have completely compromised the Party’s bureaucratic bench and that their desire to collaborate with the Axis is a vulnerability.

An invasion of Cuba would deal a death blow to the socialist/communist allegations (more truthfully than not) lobbed by Republicans. This can stanch the bleeding Democrats are seeing in various immigrant communities and put new parts of the map into play that have been solidly Republican for decades - namely, Texas and Florida.

DeSantis will make foreign policy a key plank of his run. An invasion of Cuba would steal this out from under him and immediately disarm many of the attacks he has launched. It will also pre-empt a key attack he and his surrogates will stage - that Democrats have been too accommodating to Russia, China, and Iran.

An invasion of Cuba would flush out the rats within the Democratic Party and halt their attempts to destroy it from within. Cuba occupies a special place among the American Left, and even nominally “anti-tankie” leftists (an oxymoron, as all leftists are tankies in one way or another) have a soft spot for the regime, even if only for its health care (which is propaganda anyway). These segments are also the chief sources of anti-Semitism within the Party. Operation Cuba Libre would rob Republicans, and especially DeSantis, of a major attack vector they will use in 2024 - that Democrats value anti-Semites who wish to destroy the United States more than Jewish Democrats, one of the Party’s most reliable constituencies.

Of course, the “leftist” detractors will shriek - "not even the ‘neocons’ want to invade Cuba right now!!” And why should they? The broad spectrum of Republicans lazily and inaccurately referred to as neoconservatives are still conservatives. They will play Thoughts and Prayers mad libs and no more. They do not want to break the wheel, they want it to roll more traditionally over those beneath it. They only appear to be radical because the tradition of revolutionary war has been wholly abdicated by progressive forces outside of our vanguard of the willing. “Neoconservatives” are poor, unwilling stewards of a tradition foisted upon them with which they have no history, affinity, or desire to see revived.

Beyond this, even mainstream Democrats have been brainwashed into an aversion to war by their leftist (really a paleocon/libertarian/populist amalgamation) flank. At most, they see war as something to be done only in the most of extreme circumstances, and an unjustifiable “crime” in any other. This notion arises from the same nonsensical populist metaphysics as do anti-consumerism, the Buy Local/Organic movement, and flat eartherism. It is a bourgeois affectation and delusion.

The true heirs of the democratic revolutions use war as simply another tool in the political toolbox. It is no longer limited to royals and their small, professional armies, but a mass phenomenon that can and has reshaped society countless times. It is no coincidence that the United States Military is the most highly integrated institution within the US and quite possibly the world. War can be just as useful in reshaping domestic coalitions and material conditions as it is for changing international ones.

We can look to the example of Bismarck, who leveraged Prussian victories in three short, sharp wars against its neighbors to defeat internal rivals and create a united Germany. Direct action gets the goods. We should not be afraid to use a Cuban war to forge electoral coalitions and to expand what is possible within our own borders.

We haven’t even considered how many states we could get out of this.

Only blood and iron can bend the arc of history toward justice, not great speeches and liberalism. This is the lesson of 2011. The pro-fascist “progressive” hypnotists who have taken control of the Democratic Party deny us this divine power to reignite history and mold it to our will. They are the great agents of “neoliberalism.” Stripped of this, we are left to bob helplessly in the wakes of reactionary powers who are granted total freedom of becoming. We can only react and adapt to new realities they can create at will.

The American liberation of Cuba presents the rare opportunity to aid another group of human beings achieve their own freedom while breaking the forces of reaction at home. It would be a dereliction of duty of the highest order not to ruthlessly seize it.

Kennedy showed the way - now comes time to consummate that grand vision.