Coronavirus is Actually The Perfect Weapon

It doesn't need to kill everyone to do its job.

If there’s one thing the Communist Party of China values, it’s human life.

That’s why at Tiananmen Square they ran over around 10,000 people with tanks (according to higher-end estimates), ran the bodies over again to turn them into “meat pancakes,” lit these on fire with flamethrowers, then hosed down whatever was left into storm drains.

China under Xi Jinping has taken an especially humanitarian turn, as it decided to house two million Uighurs in concentration camps to strip them of their Muslim identity, harvest their organs, ship them out for slave labor across China, turning them into the backbone of the Green New Deal.

Just like USian progressives, Comrade Xi knows that stopping climate change is the fight of our time!

With that knowledge, we can be absolutely sure that the radically pro-human Communist Party of China, which has increasingly touted the importance of biological weapons in a war to unseat the United States as global hegemon that it already believes it is fighting, would never produce and unleash a new virus onto the world.

And if a new virus created by the CPC’s humanitarians did escape into the world, it was an accident because they were researching cures for the disease! China would never release the virus on itself, as it values the lives of its own citizens too much, to strike multifaceted and ongoing blows against its adversaries in preparation for an imminent escalation in its bid for hegemony.

These are what liberals expect to believe about China and the intentions of both its leadership and Han herrenvolk when discussing the origins of the pandemic. Orange Man Bad’s allies said coronavirus came from a lab, therefore, all of the above assumptions about the good-hearted nature of the CPC-occupied China must be true.

I won’t get into the details behind either the natural origin or lab leak hypothesis for the virus. Perhaps an outbreak of a highly contagious new disease to which humans had no natural immunity that left no cases in the hundreds of miles between the host bat’s cave and the market at which it was sold in Wuhan was an entirely natural occurrence and had nothing to do with the laboratory that studied these viruses located right next to where the first outbreak was recorded. Who knows!

What really happened is actually of secondary relevance to what has happened. We won’t know definitively, perhaps ever, if the virus naturally arose or was designed. What’s of more practical importance is establishing for the sealioning liberals who insist that we Trust the Experts, including those who lied about the strength of Assad’s air defenses to secure a nuclear deal with their favorite Aryan Nation, that, yes, the novel coronavirus is actually the perfect weapon.

The ultimate fallback against the lab leak hypothesis that Axis-loving liberals roll out is that the virus just doesn’t kill enough people to be effective as a weapon. Because as anyone who isn’t a Trumpanzee knows, every biological weapon must be sci-fi smallpox to be worth anything.

If China wanted to test just what it could get away with in a world that it sees as its own for the taking, and believes that its time to act decisively is rapidly approaching, then it needs a biomarker to map out potential responses to it making such a move.

It’s hard to find something better suited to this than the coronavirus.

The Axis has consistently tested thresholds since their commitment to repress the Syrian Revolution. It took Assad a year before he began using his air force to hit cities because he feared an American response. Putin waited until Assad had a green light to gas as many people as he wanted without real consequences before pushing into Ukraine. The Axis has consistently feared a US response so has been slow to escalate, but they continue to do so.

The coronavirus fits into this pattern of creeping escalation. The virus itself is has a relatively low mortality rate compared to those liberals demand biological weapons should always deliver. That makes it very difficult for anyone to really wanted to take China to task over it to muster a global coalition against it. Which in turn lets China know just how much murder it can get away with.

The virus’s relative weakness also makes it easy for China to absolve itself of responsibility and shift blame to local actors. Yes, many people have died, but aside from some inconveniences, we’ve managed to adapt to the existence of the virus. That kept existing social tensions intact. After all, it’s not like people’s organs are melting out of their bodies.

Had the virus been more deadly, the idea that the Communist Party of China must be destroyed would be the demand of the moment. Instead, we had a summer of BLM marches and any discussion about China by liberals was effectively an “anti-racist” defense of the Chinese leadership that gave them the chance to wear masks everywhere.

Again, the virus’s relatively benign nature for most people led to political energies being turned inward instead of outward during the pandemic. This is even though George Floyd tested positive for coronavirus, which may have contributed to his death. Yet Derek Chauvin and “white supremacy” (which has taken a predictable anti-Semitic turn) were the sole targets of the marches that did happen during the pandemic, even as the virus devastated Black and Brown communities. China’s role in exploiting Black and Brown people globally or its own virulent anti-Black racism never entered into the discourse.

Scale this effect globally, and the virus gives China critical insight into just what it can get away with where and with who and what it can’t. And frankly, there’s little to suggest there’s anything China could do that would truly provoke a response against it. At this point, it seems like their biggest problem is making sure they don’t take too much of the world too fast, or they might have some trouble digesting it. But even this is merely a matter of efficiency.

Predictably, China has seen the door is wide open to it in the aftermath of the pandemic and ramped up its escalations in response. The standard liberal accounting for this has been that China feels as if it will be isolated due to global responses to the pandemic and is panicking, not that it senses weakness after a deliberate or accidental release and is now seizing the opportunities available to it.

And of course, liberals show just how brilliant of a weapon coronavirus really could be. The USians who were most deeply impacted by the virus and most aware of its danger are the ones who are most eager to absolve the fascized entity that gave it to them of any responsibility.

Xi Jinping knows he can get away with anything and his liberal American running dogs will scream “Racism!” or roll their eyes at any attempt to trace back responsibility for the pandemic to his Party.

The pandemic has been a global intelligence bonanza for China, and intelligence is the first thing you need if you’re going to embark on a global conquest. Like Russia’s intelligence operations, which are allowed to persist in the United States and act as sounding bells that tell it what is and is not possible, the virus acts as a scout for China, giving it maps paid for with millions of lives that aren’t its own.

Not that it cares for those - counter to implicit liberal assumptions.

Maybe the most important takeaway for China is just how positively disposed American liberals are to them. When the war finally comes, they know exactly where to invade - liberal areas with the highest concentration of “anti-racist” activity. These areas have the greatest reason for hostility to China yet remain most favorably disposed to it and were utterly silent about Chinese leaderships’ responsibility for the pandemic.

If China can land 50,000 troops in California, there’s no reason to believe they won’t keep it after an armistice and secure their status as new hegemon, permanently relegating (then slowly destroying) the rump United States.

After all, Republicans hate California, and if liberals can’t even fight China now as they live under siege, are separated from their families, and face the very real prospect of a lonely, shirnk-wrapped death due to China’s actions at the start of the pandemic, what makes you think this would change if they were under occupation?

And China wouldn’t know any of this without the virus that was absolutely not created as a weapon for a purpose like this. But Xi Jinping would never do that.

Trust the experts!